The Beginning

cat-masutraWelcome to A Lofty Existence!

A short introduction for the newbies (and some of you oldies) — I am a 20-something black woman from urban New England in the Northeastern region of the United States, currently live in the Southeast. I work in the biological sciences, hoping to make life better for others. This blog will be an adventure through my interests, musings, and research. I’ll be adding a new post several times a week when not away or on vacation. You can stay updated on new posts by subscribing to the blog via email or RSS with the forms located on the righthand sidebar.

So, what sort of topics will I be discussing on this blog? Whatever comes to mind, of course, but expect these topics relatively often:


Why? Music is my life. I am not a music snob, and I tend to despise those who are, but I am a huge consumer of music of all kinds. Music allows me to understand and develop my feelings and thoughts. I will be writing posts on my favorite artists, their music, and their lives.


I’m interested in relationships of all types; I’m interested in understanding people and how to relate to them,  and this blog will be my medium to express the knowledge I’ve gained in these areas.

-Interracial Relationships

Why? I’ve been involved in several interracial relationships. Over time, my knowledge of the dynamics of interracial relationships has grown. So expect posts on this matter relatively frequently. Of course, with this topic comes the issue of race.


Why? I’m interested in social dynamics and the role that race as a cultural construct plays in it. In particular, I’m interested in the intersection of race and gender as it pertains to black women.

*In light of some recent events, I’ve decided I’ll be posting less about race in general, as compared to the other listed topics.*

-Black women

Why? Black women and their experiences in the United States, and worldwide, is a topic I’ve been interested in for a long time. I will use this blog to share and develop my thoughts on this topic.

(Don’t worry, I’ll also be writing about other groups of people.)


Who? Celebrities, my family, my closest friends, the guy who lives down the road and sits on his porch all day. I will be writing about and discussing all sorts of people. Especially me.


Why? My blog, my thoughts!

16 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hello hello! It’s nice here way up in the clouds of the blogosphere. (Away from all the haters!)

    I think I’m the most curious to see what you write about music. Iunno if Jasmin has mentioned it, but I’m actually one of those despicable music snobs! Haha, unfortunately? I run an open-mic here in SF, as well as having worked at a music studio as a arranger/composer, so for me, music is like… water.

    Anyhoo, I’m stoked to see what’s coming!

  2. Hey Zek! I promise you, this will remain a hater-free zone.

    You’re a music snob? *blinks* I figured you might be, since you do that open-mic gig. I’ll mainly be writing about artists and songs I like. Just don’t judge my music, and we’ll be fine. 😉

  3. Hello!

    Sorry for showing up late.

    I am so excited about this blog. Glad to be here 🙂

    PS-I have ambivalent feelings towards music snobs.

  4. Why hello, Mira. I was waiting for you! My blog could not be complete without you. But you’re not late — the party has just begun.

    Could it be that you are ambivalent towards music snobs because you’re kind-of-sort-of-maybe a music snob yourself? Just a tad? 😀

  5. Thanks! Glad to be here!

    Could it be that you are ambivalent towards music snobs because you’re kind-of-sort-of-maybe a music snob yourself? Just a tad?

    Perhaps. But I think it’s cultural. There was always a huge cultural, political, even class (not sure how to put it) difference between people who listen different kinds of music. In short, young people who liked Serbian folk music were supporters of one political idea, and those who liked rock music were supporters of another. Rock music was, and still is, seen as a music that intelligent people like, those who are ready to fight for their beliefs and those who want to change the world. The whole anti-war and anti-Milosevic campaigns had rock music as their soundtrack, and had people in the crowd who liked that kind of music.

    The things are changed somewhat today, but I guess it’s still in my mind.
    So while I am not a music snob per se, the whole folk vs rock issue is fresh in my mind.

    PS-It went like this: those who like rock, are also into jazz and reggae. Those who like folk are sometimes into dance music. Those who like rap… They are tricky to define. Some of them fall into the “intelligent” group, while others listen folk and are considered stupid because of it. <- Not fair, I know.

  6. hey Lofty Alee!

    i followed the trail of bread crumbs here :-> and i’m excited to read thru all the posts i’ve missed. i can’t wait to hear your thoughts on. . .” In particular, I’m interested in the intersection of race and gender as it pertains to black women.”
    one music snob & one not-so-snobby music lover is a good balance. we need more balance in the world.
    i was gonna say that i love rock music (mostly from the 80s & 90s) until i read Mira’s comment. i’ll admit it anyway, since i think i fit more into the “ready to fight for my beliefs” category.

    Mira–here in the u.s. there’s the stereotype that those who like country music are dumb.

  7. Temple,

    I like rock music, particularly 90s rock and late 80s-early 90s grunge.

    Funny enough, I do find (American) country music interesting. 😀 (Well, some of it).

    I was never into rap, though but I dated some guys who were really into it and tried to introduce me to it.

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