7 Ways to Get Over a Break-Up


For many people relationships are one of their greatest motivators in life. If you’re one of these people, life can seem pointless when a relationship ends. It may take a while to pick yourself up. Here are seven ways to speed up the process, get over your ex, and move on.

7. Get a new and time-consuming hobby

You do need to fill up that time you used to spend with your ex with something else. The possibilities are endless.

6. Recall the negatives

Sounds sinister but it you’re still dwelling on your past relationship you’re probably remembering all the good things about it and your ex. Remembering the not-so-good times might help to balance things out.

5. Do what you’ve always wanted to

There is usually something that we’ve wanted to do but have put off until the right time. Well, now that you’re a free agent you’re given the green light to do it, now. Get fit, turn your hobby into a job, start a blog.

4. Catch up with old friends

When we’re in a relationship we devote a lot of our time to our partner and the relationship, so friends can feel neglected. Use this time to become the best of friends with your long-time pals.

3. Assess

Try to understand what caused your break-up and what role you might have played in it. Also consider what factors made you unhappy or happy in the relationship and use these as guidelines for any future relationships

2. Throw a break-up party

Some celebrate the beginning of a new relationship but you should celebrate the fact that you’ve broken up — it was probably for a reason. You’re moving on to better things. Invite all your friends!

1. Get a new relationship

The easiest way to get over a past relationship is to get a new one. Tested and proven effective.

9 thoughts on “7 Ways to Get Over a Break-Up

  1. I like 6 of the 7 ways to get over a break up. The last way – get a new relationship – well that has proven to be elusive for me …

  2. Sherry, I understand how you’re feeling. But as my friend Celine would say: “Don’t give up on your faith/Love comes to those who believe it…” 🙂

  3. It’s not fair to start a new relationship until you are sure you are over the last one. You are just using someone to help heal your pain. That is the wrong way to treat someone.

  4. Billy, the last two were written a bit tongue-in-cheek. However I’d agree with your comment, if they were using the person as a crutch, but my experience says it doesn’t have to play out like that. It’s amazing how quickly you can get over a broken heart when you find a new relationship. A lot of the times when people begin a new relationship, they totally forget about their previous one, so in that case they’d be healed completely. 😉

  5. I have to agree with @ billy

    After breaking up with somone, I need my space to breathe and enjoy being single. I can never break up with someone and start a new relationship, that’ll never work for me and I wouldn’t recommend it either. That is why people get into a relationship and out and they don’t understand why, their relationships keep on failing.

    After a break up (messy or not) I go to a hibernation mode and gather my thoughts and do some introspection.

    I always do number 7, 6, 5 and 3 and they work for me.

    Nice Topic @ Alee

  6. #1 is not the best way, especially if you have emotional baggage from the previous one.

  7. ^It was kind of a joke…I guess I’m bad at making jokes! : /

    Oh, and happy marriage! I totally missed that: I need to get back on the ball.


    “That is why people get into a relationship and out and they don’t understand why, their relationships keep on failing.”

    That’s what happens when you skip the “assess” portion. 🙂

  8. Actually I’ve found the best way to get over a relationship is to isolate (not what you think!) yourself, reflect and heal. Dwelling on the negatives or effing around does not a healng make. At least for most females. I truly believe this, irrespective of our egos. We’re emotionally built differently than men(DUH! LOL) so suffice to say that the best way to get over a break up is by being our brutally honest selves (ie, admitting/realising our role in said break up) vowing to better ourselves(for our benefits of course) and moving on eventually. This while drinking tons of alcohol, raving most wkends to techno and flirting outrageously with young’uns. Wot?!.

  9. foosrock, I do think it depends on the person. I was just giving out some ways, and kind of making light of the whole thing. For some isolating may work, but for others it may make them more miserable. Same with starting a new relationship: some won’t be emotionally ready and just end up messing things up further.

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