Seven Reasons to Try Online Dating

online-dating-womanDating online was once the uncommon route, only sought out by the very open-minded, busy, or love-seeking. These days, however, finding love online is becoming the norm — recent research has it as the second most common way for couples to meet. Some are estimating online dating to match or surpass all other forms of meeting in the future.

However, making the decision to date online is a very personal choice, and some are still not sure what online dating has to offer them. Online dating does come with its unique drawbacks, but it also has positives that don’t apply to traditional, offline dating. Considering your real-world options while keeping an active online dating profile could prove to be the most profitable way to find the perfect match:

1. Online dating widens your pool of prospective partners

You’re no longer limited to people you know, those your friends or family are acquainted with, or happen to see passing by. Distance is only an issue if you make it one.

2. Dating websites allow you to get a sense of who a person is, before talking to them

Unlike dating in the concrete world, when you use a dating website, you can read a person’s profile and get a good idea of what sort of person they are. You can note shared interests, goals in life, career, and personality. This greatly enhances your selection.

3. Dating online fits into a busy schedule

If your life is hectic and you’re so busy that you don’t have much time to go out and meet people, online dating fixes that problem. Potential dates are provided to you with the click of a mouse.

4. Online dating emphasizes compatibility beyond the physical

While physical appearance is still important in online dating, most online dating websites present possible matches based on common interests, personality, and perspectives on life. Outside of dating websites, many meet through sites that cater to a certain subset of the population, such as those who enjoy writing or sports, or have a certain political or religious slant.

5. Being shy or socially awkward isn’t an issue

Online dating is especially helpful to those who are shy, introverted, or believe they lack social skills. On the internet, you can “e-approach” someone, talk to them when you feel ready, and rejection is never face-to-face.

6.  Dating comes at your own pace

You choose when and how you will date online. If you’d rather talk to someone online before meeting, you simply let the other person know. If you’d rather meet offline immediately, that is also an option.

7. Most are looking for a relationship

One dating issue is handled immediately with online dating, that of whether or not a person is looking for or serious about a relationship. The majority of people (although not all) who join online dating sites are serious about finding a partner.

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15 thoughts on “Seven Reasons to Try Online Dating

  1. Sherry,

    Nope, it’s not that bad. I think you in particular should try it! Anyone who is single and loking and is on the internet semi-often should try it. You’re bound to get at least a few dates, and you already know the person is interested in you before going out.

  2. Personally, I would rather meet people face2face – even if I keep on failing, I would rather try and try again…….

    The funny thing is that online dating has a stigma of “Desperation” attached to it.
    The nerve wrecking thing for me with online dating is that, one might like your pic/hobbies and profile e.t.c.

    You might be charming and they become GaGa, over you and then you decided to meet up (now there’s high expectations on both sides) and when you meet – – – – -you find out, that you not so crazy about them as you anticipated or visa versa…..and/ or the profile doesn’t remotely resemble who they are in reality

    I would rather get rejected face2face and keeping on trying, than to go through all of that effort………That’s my personal opinion.

  3. I think it’s a good thing for those who are shy or socially awkward. Also for those who make a better first impression in writing than face to face.

    However, I agree with Mkhululie: people are often different in real life than they are online. I don’t mean on those who are pretending. I think it’s subconscious. So you can fall in love with someone’s posts and funny stuff he writes, and hey, his photo doesn’t look bad either… But then you meet him and realize he’s a completely different person in real life. So even if you continue with dating, you still have to get to know him first, the way he is in real life.

    I never tried online dating, but I’ve met some people I first met online, and there’s always this adaptation period. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But people are rarely the way they present themselves online (and yes, I count myself in here). The funny thing is that bitchy people often seem very nice online while those who seem to be tough and have an attitude are often shy and quiet and awkward in real life (hello).

    Plus, and this might be important for dating, some people don’t look like their photos at all (again, hello). What if he/she is disappointed when they see you for the first time? What if you are disappointed?

    None of this is a dealbreaker if people are honest and want to give it a chance, but you need to be ready for this and accept that meeting someone in RL might not go smoothly. I suppose it’s particularly bad when you’ve already clicked with someone online, and you kind of fall of them, only to meet them in RL and realize you don’t know how to talk to them and they seem and look different than you thought they would. Internet builds intimacy pretty quickly, but it can get erased the first time you meet a person in RL so you have to start from scratch.

  4. Mkhululie,

    Sounds like you’ve tried online dating; have you?

    “The funny thing is that online dating has a stigma of “Desperation” attached to it.”

    I think this is becoming less and less as many more people are doing it. It’s more mainstream now — you’ll see physicians, professors, actors, and everything in between on online dating sites. Remember Essence Atkins (from “Smart Guy”) found her husband on

    I know what you’re saying though, about the disconnect between online and offline impressions of people. That’s definitely one of possible the downsides to dating online. I think talking on the phone or Skyping, if you don’t plan on meeting right away, is a good idea. You get a better impression of a person’s personality and vibes this way than with only text communication.

  5. Mira,

    You bring up some good points. The photo thing is really important. It’s true, you have to weigh the pros and cons (which of course we did in that previous post). Online dating has its upsides but of course comes with its own issues.

    I guess if you’re really concerned about all of these things its best to approach online dating the way some do — as a medium to make initial contact, then meet in person. Some talk to a person for a few days, or up to a week then meet offline to see if they really click or not, and if they don’t, they move on from there.

  6. I know I’m the type who’d fall for a guy on the other side of the world that I could never meet (and it almost happened once, back in 2002 or so), or I’d be too into getting to know a guy via internet so the first RL meeting would be doomed to be awkward.

    I guess few online messages + meeting them in RL as soon as possible is the best recipe, but I am sure I wouldn’t be into it. I actually hate dating. I like the sparks and flirting and falling in love and doing the couples thing and becoming an item. But dating itself… Uuuugh, I never liked it. I guess it’s because I was always so bad at it.

  7. Here’s another tip – don’t waste your time with free online dating sites – they seem to have a lot of members who are not serious about dating. Instead join one of the more reputable sites such as attracion(dot)com. Remember if people are committed to dating they will be prepared to pay for membership!

  8. Concerning reason number one and distance only being an issue if one makes it so — this may apply to any stumbling blocks one may encounter when two people are trying to grow into a relationship. The growth of all relationships have some initial trials to overcome, but many of the factors that may inhibit growth are typically inconsequential. Distance is a perfect example of one of these less than substantial relationship road blocks. These may trip-up a couple in their journey together, but this will only be so if they are allowed to. A strong relationship that is based on effective communication and is an equal partnership between two people nothing will be insurmountable.

  9. Derek,

    “Here’s another tip – don’t waste your time with free online dating sites – they seem to have a lot of members who are not serious about dating.”

    Yes, some there are around for…other reasons. Or just can’t seem to commit to one person seriously and like to date around. So you’d have to weed out people.

    I also heard, however, that some of the paying sites also have people who aren’t serious. It’s weird, but it seems some will pay just to have an avenue to date/fool around with other people. 😉

  10. I get to know my husband through chat. He is a popular guy in every chatroom. Women chase him. I refused to get acquainted with a guy like that and yet we ended up together. How annoying. But I came to love him so much.

  11. Louise,

    That’s great: another happily wedded couple who met online! 🙂

    I think chat rooms can be pretty good, but I wonder if they’re still as popular as they used to be.

  12. in the case of my husband, he’s still popular. his friends, ex-gfs, etc often miss him and even chase after him. and i get irritated. i don’t want my husband to be so much into chatrooms or even facebook. that could destroy our relationship. so i deactivated his accounts. we’re husband and wife already. we should grow up, be more mature and avoid nonsense flirty chats.

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