Recommend a Book

book-recommendationsDo you have a favorite book? A book you’ve read and like to discuss?

In addition to the regular movie reviews that are written, I will now be writing reviews of books I’ve recently read.

While I have books in mind to write on, I’m willing to consider any book suggestions that blog readers may have. The book can be of any type or genre — nonfiction or fiction, long or short, and of any era. The only requirement for suggestions is that the book must be written or translated in English.

Every month I will read a book and write about it here. The book reviews will contain a bit on the author and his or her writing style, analysis of the main themes of the story and any social aspects that may apply. Each book will also be given a grade based on the author’s writing and the book overall.

Feel free to suggest as many books as you’d like in the comments below.

25 thoughts on “Recommend a Book

  1. You should read, The power of one written by a south african, and I guess the follow up Tandia. Sure it’s about a white boy and in the follow up book coloured girl but it’s still good reads.

    Long Walk to Freedom is a must if you haven’t read it yet.

    Oh yeah If you want adventure you should read The Long Ships by Frans G. Bengtsson. It’s set in Vikings times and I found them quite good because husband really like the books series he said I should read it.

    Got good grades

    And for some interracial lovin ‘the boy next door’ by a Zimbabwean woman about a white boy and black girl falling in love in Zimbabwe. Also quite good.

  2. I don’t read like I used to anymore and that saddens me.

    The last book that I truely enjoyed was “Frida” her biography” by Hayden Herrera. It’s an amizing read. She paints Frida like she knew her.

    From Amazon – “this engrossing biography of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo reveals a woman of extreme magnetism and originality, an artist whose sensual vibrancy came straight from her own experiences: her childhood near Mexico City during the Mexican Revolution; a devastating accident at age eighteen that left her crippled and unable to bear children; her tempestuous marriage to muralist Diego Rivera and intermittent love affairs with men as diverse as Isamu Noguchi and Leon Trotsky; her association with the Communist Party; her absorption in Mexican folklore and culture; and her dramatic love of spectacle.”

  3. I adore Zadie Smith and have read all her books, but would like you to review On Beauty. Also, Chaim Potok’s The Promise and Another Country by James Baldwin, as well, At The Bottom Of The River by Jamaica Kincaid.

    Have fun reading!.

  4. Nkosazana,

    “You should read, The power of one written by a south african”

    This one looks good! I’ll look at the follow-up too, if I like the first.

    “Oh yeah If you want adventure “

    Adventure is probably one of my least favorite, but I’ll definitely consider it!

    ‘the boy next door’ by a Zimbabwean woman”

    Will read this. 🙂

  5. Nko, that was an excellent read: ‘the boy next door’ . You recommended that some time ago on your blog and I bought it. Sooooooooo good.

  6. mkhululie,

    “I don’t read like I used to anymore and that saddens me. “

    I hadn’t for a while because I was very busy but I’ve rediscovered my love of reading recently and I’m dedicated to reading at least a couple of books a month. Whenever I have free time — waiting in lines, etc, I’ll read.

    I’ve always wanted to know more about Frida Kahlo (the unibrow has never looked so regal : ) ) so I’ll definitely put that suggestion on my list.


    “I adore Zadie Smith and have read all her books”

    Have you read NW? I was thinking about this one, but I’ve been hearing mixed reviews on it. She does make pretty snazzy book covers, I must say. 😉

    I’m looking up your other recommendations as we speak type.

  7. Zadie is quite cool. She’s like man british people are racist. But your married to a whitey? Yeah but who am i going to date? A black man? I don’t want to be a single mum, I’m not stupid.

  8. This is a wonderful post now that I am thinking about it….I was just telling my colleagues that I want to start reading at least 3 books per month…

    I want to do a bachelor of science degree next year and I need to take English as my Major….so reading about 3 books a month, it’ll be a good thing for me…and I’ll be definitely reading the books that you guys are recommending

    @ Foosrock!…What a coincidence, I am currently reading “The boy next door” and I’m enjoying it…….

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, WOT, she’s obviously got another book out Alee, that I didn’t read, ie Zadie Smith and NW….off to purchase…..

    @ Mkhululie, you’re sooooo going to love “The Boy Next Door”, but it will (probably?) leave you wanting……Enjoy and let us know!.

  10. Alee, can I send you any of my recommendations?. Just send me your P O Box and it’s done. I want you to read mines first!!!. LOL!

  11. Trilogy by Bernard Cornwell about a 14th century archer and a quest for the Holy Grail. Harlequin, Vagabond, Heretic are the three titles in order. Very well researched, very accurate in atmosphere earthy and a good read.

  12. So many books that I could recommend but I will keep it to a few that I’ve read some what recently and enjoyed: We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Shadow of the Wind, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (all 3 books). I’ll leave it there for now, I love that you’re gonna do books now!!

  13. Thanks for the recommendation, billy; I love series.


    Of course I’m all over the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. Books and films!

    @The others — you’ve read some pretty good books. I’m looking them up now…Good thing I read fast because I’m planning to start right away; I want to read all of these.

  14. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. This book takes a critical look at many human social institutions such as monogamy, religion, wealth as well as many more. I really enjoyed as it made me feel that there are many ways for people to live and we ought not be constrained in our lifestyles.

  15. Another excellent and rather interesting book is Ubik by Phillip K Dick, the novelist who inspired such movies as Blade Runner, Total Recall, and The Adjustment Bureau among many others. This novel explores the god as well as the idea of an afterlife.
    If you happen to be one with an interest in theology you should also pick up the writers seminal work Valis. This book explores a branch of eastern Christian thought that has lain largely dormant until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is a very illuminating work.

  16. I’m not into fictional books (anymore), and a vast majority of the books I read are about marriage, finance, health/nutrition, and cooking (when I’m not studying). Since that is the case for me, I would recommend Financial Peace, Chi Running, Yoga Anatomy, and Get Yours: How to Have Everything You Dreamed of and More. The last book really helped me, and I must say, after reading it, I had everything I wanted in less than six months.

  17. Also, The Mismeasure of Man, The Race Myth, and Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy.

  18. Thank you, Froggie. 🙂


    I’d mostly been reading non-fiction for a while; I read a lot on health and nutrition too. I used to be more into fiction when I was younger. But I see I’ve missing out on some good fiction books.

    “Get Yours: How to Have Everything You Dreamed of and More. The last book really helped me, and I must say, after reading it, I had everything I wanted in less than six months.”

    Ohhh, interesting. Will definitely look into this one.

  19. Okay, I start reading next week…I’ll start with one of Nkosazana’s suggestions since her comment was first. The rest I’ll write on bits of paper and pick out of a hat to see which I’ll read and review for that month. 😛

  20. Nkosazana,

    I’m not sure now. I was going to read the first one by Bryce Courtenay but I can’t find it around here!

  21. Nkosazana,

    I’m sure the book is really popular. It’s just a crapshoot when it comes to finding some books locally.

    I’ve already spent hundreds on stuff at Amazon this year. I spend so much they should just make me a partner…I’ll try to find it at my book club; their funding is based on people ordering books through them, so they’ll be glad to assist.

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