A Lofty Existence is Three Years Old

third-birthday-cupcakeThis week the blog reached its third year in existence. A long time coming, for a tiny blog at the corner of the Internet.

Now that A Lofty Existence has reached true blog seniority, it is time to make a decision. Should the blog remain active and reach its fourth year and beyond, or has it served its purpose?

When I began this blog I had few plans as to how long it would remain open, I just knew that I wanted to write and have a place to share my thoughts, as well as connect with online acquaintances. And when I began this blog I was at a totally different point in my life than I am now. Currently, although I still love blogging, I don’t have much time to dedicate to writing posts. And as is obvious, a blog is nothing without its posts.

At the moment I’m weighing the pros and cons of two very different options — end my blogging by the beginning of the new year or make my new year’s resolution to stick to a strict schedule for posting and move my blog to a dedicated server. It will be a tough decision, but whichever option I choose, the blog will remain open.

As the new year is still several weeks away, I still have time to come to a decision, which I will post at that time. Right now, I’ll wish A Lofty Existence a Happy Birthday and all readers Happy Holidays!


14 thoughts on “A Lofty Existence is Three Years Old

  1. Happy (belated) blog birthday! Every blogger goes through periods were they are more or less inspired to post. I’ve told myself that I will stop blogging when I stop enjoying it. Sometimes a break is all you need. Good luck either way,

  2. Hi Wanderlust,

    Thanks! I’ve just been going through this “I want to quit” phase for so long that I think that I should really take it into consideration.

  3. Happy Birthday!. Hope to continue to enjoy the awesome, diverse and challenging discussions you constantly present to us. Well done, Alee!!!.

  4. You have more than just those two options for the blog! You can keep blogging, but only blog when you feel like it–that’s an option, too.

  5. Hi foosrock,

    A Lofty Existence says thanks for the birthday wish. 😉



    “This frog wants you to continue to blog!”

    So cute. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Hi Jamila, nice to see you!

    I guess there are other options, but I feel that writing whenever you want will leave you speaking to yourself. Who will pay attention to a blogger who posts twice a year? Unless you have many, many extremely loyal followers, people won’t even know when you update. I’ve seen others pull it off, but I don’t know about doing that with my teeny blog!

  7. I know the feeling, I just shut down Married Girl in a Weird World after blogging since 2009. Of course, people would like for you to continue but it’s not always that easy. I shut down that blog to concentrate on two other blogs that are totally different in context. I find I don’t miss that blog that much and the other two are a lot more flexible and allow me to do something I’ve been wanting to do. Although I sometimes see things and think, boy I still wish Married a Girl in a Weird World was still going, I don’t regret stopping it. Yes, I felt I’d said all I needed to say after awhile I was just repeating myself. And honestly for me, it started to feel like a job and I wasn’t enjoying it as much. Although I most certainly enjoy what you write, if you shut it down I can certainly understand and if you stay that would be great too..

  8. Eugenia,

    Are you talking about the Blogspot Married Girl or the WordPress one? I thought the WordPress one was still open.

    Your comment explains my feelings well. As a blogger it can become not so easy to continue to write on a regular basis, as well as feeling like you’ve said everything that needs to be said.

  9. Congratulations, Alee.

    I am definitely unqualified to say whether you should keep it up or not, but 3 years is certainly an accomplishment. At the very least, you’ll always have an online “diary” of your experiences.

  10. Nope they’ve both closed down blogspot and wordpress although they’re both still up, I don’t post anymore and I’ve said goodbye. I’m done. As much as people want you to stay you have to do what’s proper for you. Whatever that is.

  11. Jasmin,



    Oh, okay. I saw a somewhat recent post on the WordPress blog so I thought it was still up. As long as you don’t disappear from the blogosphere completely, I’m totally fine with that!

  12. Sorry for being too late here! Happy blog birthday!

    Not sure what to say about continuing… I keep my blog and I love it and I stick to it, and yet, I rarely write out there and I always promise myself I will update more often, blah, blah, blah. I know it’s not an easy decision but I’d like to read your posts wherever they are!

  13. Hi Mira,

    Lol at “blah, blah, blah.” The road to blog updating is paved with good intentions. 😉

    I still haven’t made my decision! It’s a tough one.

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