A Lofty Existence is Three Years Old

third-birthday-cupcakeThis week the blog reached its third year in existence. A long time coming, for a tiny blog at the corner of the Internet.

Now that A Lofty Existence has reached true blog seniority, it is time to make a decision. Should the blog remain active and reach its fourth year and beyond, or has it served its purpose?

When I began this blog I had few plans as to how long it would remain open, I just knew that I wanted to write and have a place to share my thoughts, as well as connect with online acquaintances. And when I began this blog I was at a totally different point in my life than I am now. Currently, although I still love blogging, I don’t have much time to dedicate to writing posts. And as is obvious, a blog is nothing without its posts.

At the moment I’m weighing the pros and cons of two very different options — end my blogging by the beginning of the new year or make my new year’s resolution to stick to a strict schedule for posting and move my blog to a dedicated server. It will be a tough decision, but whichever option I choose, the blog will remain open.

As the new year is still several weeks away, I still have time to come to a decision, which I will post at that time. Right now, I’ll wish A Lofty Existence a Happy Birthday and all readers Happy Holidays!


Happy Birthday A Lofty Existence


This blog turns two years old this week. Hard to believe isn’t it?

I wasn’t sure the blog would make it to its second blogiversary, but here we are. The second year was a bit different from the first year of the blog in a few ways, like posting frequency, commenting, and visitors. However, much remains the same and the past 12 months can be seen as successful as the first.

So how did the blog do in terms of numbers for this year?

Posts: 212

Comments: ~5,600

Page Views/Hits: ~650,000

Social Network/Website Post Shares: ~1000

The top three posts for this year –none of which were written this year, unfortunately– by number of views and links:

1. Top Ten Signs Your Partner is Avoidant

2. Why People Become Attached After Intimacy

3. Attractive Features in Men

Random trivia:

Most viewed photo? The Enneagram map

Most clicked link? The relationship attachment style quiz.

Top commenter? Mira, of course.

Greatest number of visits in a day? 7,106 (on July 25, 2012)

Best referring websites? Google/Yahoo, Beyond Black & White, Reddit, and Facebook

Coolest referring websites? The Huffington Post and Beyond Black & White

I won’t make any plans for the upcoming year, as we never know what the future may bring. But if I had one wish it would be that this blog can continue to grow and evolve and develop, and that every following year will be better than the last.

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It’s Alee’s Birthday… Again


But you knew that already, didn’t you?

In case you somehow amazingly didn’t realize it, today is one of the most important days of the year — February 28th. 20 and some odd years ago today, I, Alee was born. Some say each person’s personal new year begins on their annual birthday. If so, my new year begins today.

After a not-so-great 2011, I wish for a more positive and joyous 2012, and a more positive and joyous me. I’ve laid down many plans, with many more to come, dedicated specifically to this goal. Here’s to wishing that all my wishes come true.

*Blows out the candles*

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One Year of A Lofty Existence


This week celebrates A Lofty Existence‘s first birthday.

The blog was opened to the public one year ago today — the first post was created November 05, 2010, but was not completed until three days later. The first year has been successful by most measures and I thank all that were involved in the blog throughout this time.

Some stats on the first year of A Lofty Existence:

Posts: 161

Comments: ~4,000 (excluding The Clouds commentary)

Page Views/Hits: ~200,000

The top posts of the year shed some light on what the readers of the blog are interested in reading and discussing.

Top two posts:

By number of page views:

1. Adam Levine

2. Top Ten Signs Your Partner is Avoidant

By number of comments:

1. Open Question — Cohabitation: Helpful or Harmful?

2. Why Friends With Benefits Does Not Work

By number of links:

1. Top Ten Signs Your Partner is Avoidant

2. Interracial Marriage and Divorce: The Study

3. Do Men Like Strong Women?

As seen from these lists, the top posts appear to be about relationships, especially relationship issues.  Social issues come in a close second — around a third of the top ten posts (not seen here) are about topics dealing with society and its people.

Special thanks to Christelyn of Beyond Black & White, and Nikisha and Cipriana of UrbanBushBabes for being the top referring websites to the blog, besides the almighty Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. And Mira, Jasmin, Nkosazana, and Jessica for most interaction as measured by number of comments.

For the second year and into 2012, some minor and major changes are planned for the blog:

Suggestions Page — a main tab where suggestions can be for new post topics, features, and tweaks to current features.

Quote Wall — a main tab to memorialize the funniest, most insightful, and just plain interesting comments on the blog.

New Design — all-new hosting, theme, and layout

Here’s to another year of A (Very) Lofty Existence.

What are your favorite posts and experiences with A Lofty Existence?

It’s Alee’s Birthday (and Partial Biography)


Alee's Second Birthday Party

Alee (198- ) is an American biologist, researcher, an idealist. She is best known as the blogger behind A Lofty Existence, a blog about relationships, culture, and society.

Alee was born on February 28th in a large city in New England, one of the oldest and most liberal regions of the United States. Because she was a very active baby, physicians attending to her mother before her birth predicted she would be a boy. But Alee was born a girl, and a quiet, lazy one at that.

Alee celebrated her first birthday with her siblings and friends at daycare. She had a huge pink birthday cake, however, Alee didn’t know how to eat cake and got icing all over her expensive birthday dress. But her mother didn’t care — she was just happy that Alee lived to see her first birthday. Alee was a baby who cried so much that her parents thought she would overwork her lungs and die.

Alee went to a Catholic elementary school where she studied a variety of subjects including religion and literature, and played double-dutch during recess. Her teachers loved her and thought she was the perfect pupil. She loved them too, but couldn’t wait to go to a new school after being in one place for six years.

To continue her studies, Alee attended a diverse math and science school. There she made close friends –and enemies– and set records by being the first to do nearly everything. She attended this school for six years as well before moving on to university studies.

For college, Alee attended a private university known for its ivy and sports league. There she studied molecular biology, with several other courses in literature and cultural studies. But more importantly she was exposed to many people from a wealth of backgrounds, cultures, and countries.

Alee has two siblings: an older brother and sister who people say looks just like her, until they see more them twice.

Her hobbies include music, the Internet, molecular biology, and cheesecake.