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Patrick Wilson (1973-) is an American actor and occasional singer. He is the character of Chris Mattson in the movie Lakeview Terrace, where he starred alongside Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. He is recognized as an actor who pushes social boundaries with captivating and believable roles.

Patrick was born in Virginia, but grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, a large city in the Tampa Bay Area. His mother was a voice teacher with her own choir. Patrick’s early experiences with the choir and education in performing arts led to him aspire to become a professional performer.

Patrick took vocal lessons at Carnegie Mellon University, where he won awards for music and theatre and graduated with a degree in Drama. After college he stayed in the Pittsburg area and worked in opera. He eventually gained wide stage recognition in 1999 with an off-Broadway production of Bright Lights, Big City. In Bright Lights, Big City, he played an aspiring writer who falls off the tracks in New York City with drugs and partying.

Patrick continued his career on the stage with The Full Monty and Oklahoma!, the former of which was called “one of the best performances of 2000”. He made his debut on the small screen as a gay, Mormon Republican attorney in the mini-series Angels in America. With this role he received wide acclaim and established himself as a serious on-screen actor.


As Chris Mattson in Lakeview Terrace

Patrick kept audiences absorbed with his role in Lakeview Terrace in 2008. He played Chris Mattson, husband of Lisa (Kerry Washington). The interracial couple was terrorized by a racist cop played by Samuel L. Jackson. Audiences across America shouted at Chris, “Watch your back!” in the thriller where the two actors faced off in a final scene. Lakeview Terrace debuted at number one in its opening week.

On which partner is subjected to the most opposition in an interracial marriage of the kind portrayed in Lakeview Terrace, he says:

Probably more towards me,  just from the male perspective I would imagine…We’ve experienced this before – looks from black men. Whether it’s looks, whether it’s comments, a white man and a black woman is much different than a black man and a white woman so I think it’s very easy to target me.

Patrick gained weight and grew a beard for his roles in the films Watchmen and The A-Team, respectively. He is always willing to do what it takes and more to make his roles spectacular, but due to his good looks, he often finds himself landing roles with nude or semi-nude scenes. For his New Year’s Resolution, he wants:

To be in a movie or a play which doesn’t require me to take off my clothes. Unless, of course, I don’t get another job… In which case I’ll be half-naked and whole-heartedly depressed for the rest of my career.

Off-screen and off-stage, Patrick lives with his wife, actress Dagmara Domińczyk, who he met while studying at Carnegie Mellon. They have two sons. Patrick’s upper arm tattoo –KPW– stand for the initials of his oldest son, Kalin Patrick Wilson.

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Lakeview Terrace

lakeview-terraceAlee’s Analysis: The trials and triumphs of an interracial couple are displayed in a way that turns stereotypes on their head.

Lakeview Terrace is a 2008 movie about a couple who is harassed by their neighbor for being interracially married. Samuel L. Jackson stars as Abel Turner, a widowed Los Angeles Police Department officer who lives in suburban LA and torments his new next door neighbors, Chris and Lisa Mattson (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington). The neighbors become entangled in a long and bitter dispute over both physical and psychological boundaries.

Lakeview Terrace is based on a true story.

The Good

Abel Turner and Chris Mattson are believable in their interactions; Samuel L. fit the character of Abel Turner perfectly. Chris Mattson is amazingly attractive and Lisa Mattson is beautiful. It is nice to see an onscreen couple involving a white man and a black woman who does not feed into stereotypes or devolve into negativity. Chris is a somewhat uptight yet likeable character.

Favorite scene: In a late night bar scene, Abel tells Chris how he became a widower and why he is so against Chris and Lisa’s marriage. No spoilers — watch the movie to find out the details.

The Bad

Outside of the main characters, the acting in Lakeview Terrace is subpar, at best. Lisa Mattson is a one-dimensional character and doesn’t add much to the movie outside of her role as wife to Chris. Chris’ attempts to put off having children make him seem selfish.

The movie is centered around Chris Mattson and the problems he faces as one half of a black woman/white man couple. Focusing only on Chris’ issues presents an inaccurate portrayal of the difficulties faced by these couples: the woman in these pairings also faces opposition, often more than the man does.

Lakeview Terrace is a good film, but not great: many scenes stop short where they could have gone more in-depth. What makes the movie worthwhile is the excellent acting of the main characters and the chance to glimpse into a rarely explored social issue.

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