Kanye – How Could You Be So Heartless?

kanye-west-cigarAnyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Kanye West fan. I might just be the biggest Kanye West fan to have ever been born — certainly one of the most dedicated (says Kanye himself, more on that later). Or I was. Until Kanye began to change.

I first heard of Kanye West in the summer of 2003. I was listening to my favorite radio station and the DJ introduced his first single, “Through the Wire”. I was floored. I thought the song was pure genius. I had to find out all I could about this new artist, this “Kanye West”. As I learned about him, I came to love him more and more. His style of music, dress, speech, and physical appearance (especially his smile), appealed to me more than anything I’ve ever known. I’d ask people “Do you know Kanye West?” If they said they did not (most people at the time, of course, did not), I would reply “Well, you will soon. He is going to be one of the biggest stars in the world.” I was star-struck, for the first time in my life.

I joined KanyeWest.com, one of the first subscribers, and began helping to organize concerts at venues across the U.S. and spread the message about my favorite artist. The interesting thing about this is that I’ve never been to a Kanye West concert myself. I used to be afraid of what would happen; I would probably make a fool of myself in the presence of the man I’d put my life on hold to marry in a heartbeart, so I did not take any chances. But I did get to speak to Kanye, one on one, online. He was as personable, kind, and down-to-earth as I’d imagined him (He even used lots of smilies). He thanked me for being one of the first to support him on his website and expressed excitement about his career and being able to live his dream. I began to connect to him on a personal level, he was more than a “producer turned rapper” to me.

Fast forward to November of 2007, when tragedy hit — Kanye’s mother, Dr. Donda West died. I was not prepared for the news, at all. A friend sent me an email stating this in the subject line and I thought “Why does she think I would believe this is funny?” — I thought it was a joke. As I read the email and news story, I knew it wasn’t a joke. Donda West had passed away at 58 years old. I shed a single tear. I began to think of how Kanye would cope without his mother. She was his best friend and much needed supporter. Despite what many people believe, Kanye is not naturally egomaniacal or extremely confident. He needs reinforcement. I predicted it would be downhill for him without his mother to cheer him on. And I was more right than I wanted to be.

kanye-west-college-dropoutSo when exactly did Kanye West begin his major decline from multi-talented, Grammy-winning superstar to a temperamental ticking time bomb? Some say he was always that way, and I agree that he can be touchy, especially regarding his craft. But he was never like he is now — the death of his mother, and subsequent lack of support and encouragement, spurred his backward slide into self-destruction. I firmly believe that everything from the Taylor Swift-gate to his recent involvement with the controversial Amber Rose, would not have occurred had his mother been alive. Not only would she have disapproved of his antics, but Kanye would have had the direction and guidance that he has known all his life. I was annoyed and hurt when Jay Leno mentioned his mother during the Tonight Show — it was a low blow. But I hoped Kanye would learn from that experience.

Except he didn’t.

Recent events have found Kanye rehashing stereotypes involving black male/white female relations, to negative reviews (see KanyeWest.com
for his latest, banned album cover). Now all I wonder is why? Why, Kanye? Why have you abandoned your fans? Why have you strayed down the wrong path, with seemingly no hope of ever finding the right one again? How could you be so heartless?

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21 thoughts on “Kanye – How Could You Be So Heartless?

  1. You must see him in concert (and this is coming from someone who’s neither fan nor foe of Kanye). Preferably in Chicago–since it’s his hometown he does an extended set. 🙂

  2. Jasmin,

    Have you seen Kanye in concert?

    I love Chicago — mainly because of him, but also because most Chicagoans I meet I just adore. They’re a distinctive group of people.

    But I’m still trying to get over his backslide, so I can’t. I think I might try to bumrush him and shake him to his senses.

  3. Alee,

    Yep–Spring of 2008 during the Blacklight tour with Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, and someone else. (I’ve forgotten who!)

    They’re a distinctive group of people.

    I know, aren’t we great? 😛

    Hopefully he’ll get it together–I love a good comeback.

  4. Jasmin,

    How did you like his performance? For some reason, I was thinking you wouldn’t like him.

    And lol, yes, you all are great.

    I hope he can make a comeback, I really do. It would put my mind at ease.

  5. Alee,

    I liked it–his talent really came through, and the special effects were a nice complement to his performance. Almost all of the songs he did were from College Dropout, if I remember correctly, and his voice kept up well throughout the set.

  6. Jasmin,

    Oooh, special effects. Kanye’s good with that. His outfits are sometimes their own special effects! 🙂

    “Almost all of the songs he did were from College Dropout”

    Then it had to be awesome. That was his best album, hands down. IMO, of course; I’ve debated with other Kanye fans who’ve said otherwise.

  7. I thought it was as well, and I have that and Graduation on my iPod. CD had some great collaborations–Adam Levine, Brandy, Jay-Z. Not the automatic Drake/Nikki Minaj/Lil Wayne combo we have nowadays.

  8. Off-topic: Those are three of my other favorite artists — Adam Levine, Brandy, and Jay-Z.

    Adam Levine is gorgeous. Of course, he is Jewish, I told you they were the hottest. 😉

    Oh boy, that last trio needs to go somewhere. I like some of Nicki Minaj’s stuff (on others’ songs, not her own…) and I used to be into Lil’ Wayne before he was more mainstream, but they’re getting old; they should stop appearing on every radio single or remix they can get their hands.

  9. Have you been watching Brandy on Dancing with the Stars?

    How did I not know Adam was Jewish? He is a hottie! 🙂

    I read somewhere that Drake looks like Sam the Eagle from the Muppets, and that completely spoiled it for me.

  10. Jasmin, I don’t watch TV, I only watch certain shows online. So I had no idea she was on Dancing with the Stars. I was just waiting for her next album to come out so I can play it over and over for months on end.

    Drake does kind of look like Sam the Eagle. Lol! It’s the eyebrows, nose, and downturned mouth. But I never thought he was very attractive, anyway. He looks kind of like my cousin and some Hispanic guys I know from my hometown.

  11. Alee,

    I was never into him either–I can’t quite put my finger on it but even the Aubrey-Drake transition didn’t capture my interest.

    Hopefully going far on DWTS will propel Brandy’s career. Guess what? My mom won lunch with Brandy from a radio station a few years ago. She took my sister (who got to sit next to Brandy–I think there was a group of 6 or so winners who each got to bring a guest), and they took pictures with her. I hear she’s very sweet.

  12. Wow, lunch with Brandy. That sounds unforgettable. I think Brandy is an awesome person. Her personality shines through her music, and I agree, she seems very sweet.

  13. So would you still marry Kanye, if he turns his life around? 😉

    I don’t think musicians should get judged so much on their personal lives, he’s much better at producing than most of his colleagues in the genre, and a decent rapper. But the autotuning doesn’t take skill.

  14. AJ, I don’t know. I’ve never thought I would ever actually have the chance to marry Kanye.

    His personal issues are only important insofar as they bleed out into his public life. And Kanye has allowed his internal problems to adversely affect his career. I agree that he is a wonderful producer and rapper. Drake does much more autotuning than he does!

  15. I know nothing about the guy (or his music, OR his personal problems), but it’s a sad story. 😦 Maybe he will learn a lot from this experience… Maybe he just needs time.

    On the other hand, it’s great you had a chance to chat with him! I like to think of myself as a rational person who’s not into the whole “fan girl” thing, but I know I’d probably do/say something stupid if I ever get a chance to meet/chat with a celebrity I like.

  16. Mira, yes, it was awesome. I’m not a fangirl type either, but it’s completely different with Kanye. I probably would say very little and end up looking like a dud.

  17. i just watched kanye’s sit-down w/matt lauer. he [kanye] seemed a little unsure & somewhat angry. i remember being this way when my mother died–unsure & way angry. he’s an intelligent, creative man. hope he gets his balance back soon.

  18. Hi people,

    Honestly, I don’t listen to Kanye that much. I only listen to the stuff they play on the radio…and I must say “his music is catchy”

    I’d rather not comment about him, because I never particulary liked his public persona but then I again I don’t like to judge others, as I would not like to be judged.

    Celebrity life thought, is not what’s cracked up to be……people feel like they know you and that you owe them explanations/and you freedom is compromised….

    Peace & Blessing

  19. OOOOhhhh, I forgot to mention that I greatly admire Kanye’s sense of style. He is edgy and innovative and very creative…..

    He is def, a fashionista in my eyes

  20. Hey mk!

    Why didn’t you post on the new thread? Well, it doesn’t matter, really, I just wonder if you meant to post on that one…

    “Celebrity life thought, is not what’s cracked up to be……people feel like they know you and that you owe them explanations”

    Well, I do feel like you have some sort of responsibility to the public/your fans, when you’re a celeb. After all, they are the people who support you, pay to have your stuff, keep you relevant.

    I don’t think you have to beholden to them, but you could at least not completely dismiss them. If you do and they catch on, you will suffer the consequences…

    “I forgot to mention that I greatly admire Kanye’s sense of style. He is edgy and innovative and very creative…..”

    I love his fashion too. Well, I liked it more in the beginning of his career.

    Lol @ fashionista. Fashionisto? 🙂

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