Open Letter to Kanye West: Please Stop Singing

kanye-west-autotuneDear Kanye (or should I say Mr. West),

I’ve noted you have taken to singing in your latest recordings, in addition to, and in priority of, your usual rapping. This would be fine, if you could actually sing. But as much as it pains me to admit, you can not.

Your use of auto-tune was grating to my ears, and surely to others; enough for them to make a petition for your quitting the use of it. But this is something far worse. You’ve attempted to become a singer without any clear vocal training. You’ve fallen into the realm of pop singers such as Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna — a mockery.

When I received your album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I wasn’t all that excited. I was already aware of your explicit, racially charged album cover. But more urgently, I’d heard your first single, “Runaway” and was less than impressed. In fact, I never listened to the song the whole way through because I couldn’t stand your singing.  Now that I have, I’m still convinced the song could be better, and the only thing that saved it was the rapping — not by you, but by Pusha T. I’m hesitant to listen to the entire album in fear of the singing that may be in store for me. This is coming from one of your earliest fans.

So please Kanye, stop singing. You are talented in many areas, but singing is simply not for you. Don’t be offended by this letter: I’m only trying to help. Your latest antics have isolated your fans, do you want your singing to drive away even more? We want the old Kanye back.

Truly yours,


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7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Kanye West: Please Stop Singing

  1. Hey, I like J. Lo, lol. I think I have a soft spot for her because I used to spend the night at my good friend’s house all the time as a kid and we would stay up dancing to classics like “Waiting for Tonight” and “Let’s Get Loud”. 🙂

  2. Jasmin,

    J.Lo is a good pop star. Some of her songs are very catchy, but she can’t sing. Anyway, Kanye should definitely not go down that route. He’s actually kind of, you know, original.

  3. Oh god i hate this douche. I really liked when they did that Gayfish episode on South Park.

  4. Oh no, Nkosazana. 🙂

    I do like Kanye. Very much. I just don’t like him singing. Well, I listened to his latest album in full, and at least there isn’t as much singing on there. What a relief.

  5. Awh, I can’t stand his personality. He acts like he’s the greatest thing in the world, His ego does not fit what he does. I saw on Conan that he compared himself to the Unknown Rebel.

    Douche douche douche.

    But that’s my opinion 🙂

  6. I’m gonna say this goes double for P Diddy.

    Autotune is like cheating too, but him flat out trying to sing, cuz he knows Jay-Z hates autotune, is worse.

    I say, get your jaw messed up again, and just guest rap and produce.

  7. Nkosazana, I wrote about his supposed arrogance in “Kanye – How Could You Be So Heartless?” You might be interested in it… I don’t think he’s as arrogant as he puts on, or as people perceive him.


    P.Diddy sings? I’ve stopped listening to a lot of music, so I have no idea.

    Guest rap? Is that all you think he’s good for?

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