Happy Holidays


Posts will resume after the holiday season — somewhere after Christmas (December 25th) but before New Year’s (January 1st).

UPDATE:  Posting will continue on regular schedule beginning January 4th.

8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Happy Holidays!

    I have to wait till December 31st for holiday season to begin, but it lasts, till the mid-January, so… It’s good.

  2. Hope everyone is still enoying the holidays.

    Mira, you just get to celebrate the holidays all by yourself. Well, you and the rest of your region. 🙂

  3. Happy New Year Alee! I hope its full of blessings!

    FYI, I put up a post showing my Carlipooh…lol. Its the post named “Into the New Year”. Thought you might want to see what Mr. Mysterious looks like :).

  4. Hi Nikisha, thanks for the blessings. 🙂

    “FYI, I put up a post showing my Carlipooh…lol…Thought you might want to see what Mr. Mysterious looks like 🙂 .”

    Finally, Mr. Nikisha is revealed!

    *Goes to take a peek*

    Oh, he’s a cutie! I wasn’t picturing him looking like that. But he does look like a sweet guy. I love the piggyback ride photo.

    You look marvelous as usual. If only I could roll out of bed in a t-shirt and shorts and look that dazzling…

  5. It’s true. We’ve only had one of the three holidays here. But the madness has started circa December 27th and will last till January 14th.

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